A young JCI chapter preparing to celebrate!

Founding a new chapter ain’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of work and dedication: You have to get the idea, convince others of your vision, prepare countless documents, figure out the bureaucracy, recruit enough members who believe in your idea & want to join your new initiative. You manage to do all this while trying your best to shape a positive, inspiring culture & knit tight community.
To build something new that still lives, breaths and inspires people in the community five years later defines success.

We celebrate not only our 5th anniversary (7.2.2016) but also the true nature of building a new JCI chapter. Most importantly, we want to thank those who initiated & worked hard to establish our community. THANK YOU for everything you have done to build our chapter!

We, the new(er)comers, appreciate all the imagination and hard work that initiated our community to emerge and to start prospering!
We, the doers of today, will hope to carry on the torch in a way which allows the original doers to be proud of our chapter today and for years to come!