Our annual call for members will be open again in autumn 2024!

Become a member

Thinking about joining JCI United? Great! It means that you are looking for a seriously fun and business-oriented freetime activity. You are also living in Tampere region or have close ties to it. What drives you is the will to learn and to have a positive impact on your community. Are we correct? Read on and apply!

Who is it for?

JCI is meant for any young professionals between the ages of 18–40 who are interested in personal and professional growth. It is a hobby that combines the joy of doing and learning with the best sides of work and free time. JCI offers its members training opportunities on a local, national and international levels. The topics range from marketing to public speaking skills, from collaboration to leadership and from PR to project management and so on. Hands-on projects are the core of JCI United activities. You will have an opportunity to create, partake or lead impactful project of your choice.

What do you mean by “international”?

We in JCI United are especially interested in all things international, so naturally all of our members should have an international mindset or an international background. If you have that and are willing to work for both personal growth and betterment of the world, JCI United is the place for!

JCI community is vastly international and diverse (with 200 000 members across the globe)! Being a member will open new doors for you – opportunity to travel abroad to international JCI conferences, expand your network and connect with professionals in almost every country in the world. Pretty cool, right?!

And what if I get in? What happens next?

Awesome! We knew you could do it! So basically here’s what happens.
You become a prospective member and take part in JCI START-Training. By the way, there is going to be other pieces of training and social events taking place during the year and we want to see you there.

Your prospective membership lasts for one year during which you will show that you have what it takes to become a full members of JCI United. (We know you do!)

We want to see that you share the same value base as us and that you have found your JCI path. We want to get to know you so we can also better help you to find the things that you are here for! You will also get a chance to know other JayCees (people from the other JCI local organizations across Tampere and beyond).

Don’t worry, we will guide and support you throughout the prospective year, but by all means be brave to use the opportunity and try new things.

Sounds great! So how can I become a member?

If you think JCI and JCI United could offer something valuable for you, and you are thinking of giving it a try, stay tuned for our annual open call for applications on autumn 2024.

If you have any questions before then, please get in touch with us.