Purpose of the project:

We want to promote the city of superlatives, Tampere, and it´s fabulous beer coulture to tourists and locals. For project group members the project gives a great opportunity to learn how to negotiate, do online marketing, guide a tour etc.

Project group:

Jouni Markkanen, Enrique Montano, Markus Kosonen, Reyver Serna, Heikki Viitanen, Robert Niva, Antti Ivanoff, Tuomo Isokivijärvi, Joonas Streng, Grigory Kharitidis, Juha Heiskanen and Tiikku Kuuru

The story

Last autumn we had a project night and there we had a chance to give our best project ideas. Me and Heikki were sitting at Tiikku´s citchen table and I asked Heikki if he rememberet the beer tour idea we had earlier and should we do a project plan for that. Heikki said yes and in 30 minutes we decided witch bars we would like to have for the tour, how many beers we should have and what things we want to promote in Tampere. We decided 5 best venues based on their beer selection and contacts to local breweries. We also thought that we should have around 10 craft beers during the tour. And then we took the idea first to the people from JCI United, then to bars and in February we already had our first test tour.

Of course during the process there came a few changes to the original plan. For example Joonas (Streng) did a great work with branding when he invented the name Craft Beer Tour. Sami, who´s the owner of many bars in Tampere, suggestet that we could have 3 beers at their venue Tuulensuu. Then we decided to suggest that to every bar. All the original 5 bars wanted to join the tour and the only change was that we added a starting bar Bookers, because it´s just next to the tourist office and there we can have sahti, that is one of the oldest and the most Finnish way to brew beer.

Now during the spring and summer we´ve had tours every Friday from June to August. We have also had tours for groups (If the group is minimum of 8 people, we can arrange a private tour). Private tours are going to continue during the Autumn. Regular tours are coming back in the summer 2018!