This week we had a great meeting together with Tampere University and the Porigami team, to get one of our exciting projects to the next stage.
Porigami is the national autumn assembly of JCI Finland.
We want to trial run real-time interpretation from Finnish to English for three keynotes at Porigami. This will increase the accessibility of content for non-Finnish-speaking members and our international guests. This is the first time that this is done so everyone is looking forward to seeing how it works in reality.
The basic idea is to give students that study interpretation the possibility to test their skills during a high-quality event. As we are a learning organization it provides a safe environment where also mistakes can be made. The students will sit in Tampere remotely and translate the keynotes. Conference members can then follow the interpretation audio via their smartphone either at the conference or remotely.
We were extremely happy that the teaching staff for the interpreter program supported the idea and found interested students.
Today was the meeting to connect the University team with the Porigami team to get the practicalities sorted out.
The interpreters need some key points of the speakers well in advance to prepare and the technical aspect needs to be tested.
Thank you Tampere University and the Porigami team for improving access to conference content in English.