euro1 “Learning by doing” has truly started. JCI United organized an Eurovision party in Kaijakka on the 14th of May. We wanted to throw a party to everyone that included theme decorations, live-streaming from the Eurovision Contest, playful contests and betting on the results. The party hit the nail on the head by being approachable and international at the same time. So how did we accomplish that? Personally, I believe that the power comes from the right “JC attitude”.

I had had good experiences about working with “jaycees” before and that was the most important reason for me to join the new chamber. It is great when people from different personal and professional backgrounds combine their skills and know-how. With other jaycees it always turns into something special. The spirit that we have allows us to accomplish more than we could do only by ourselves. In this project we already had that attitude which I had experienced in JCI Akaa before. (Greetings to our bigbrother-chamber!) When we really put our minds to something and help each other to reach common goals there will be unique flow of doing.

Another thing I appreciate about JCI is taking the best ideas and making them reality. So, when this simple and good idea was created, it didn’t take long to start to organize the party. Tuuli and her team worked well during the project. For me the zero-hour was the most inspiring moment. During those few hours we were real jaycees in action. I also w


itnessed how Juha gained new mark on his CV by doing arts and crafts by making golden curtains to the entrance.

What was best in this project? As I already said, the Eurovision theme was very fitting for our chamber. The international spirit and planning the event together was also rewarding. The main thing is that we can do business, learn by doing and have fun at the same time. I hope that JCI United’s next projects will be organized with same team spirit and enthusiasm, but even bigger!