_DSC0721During the start of the year we’ve been discussing what internalization means to JCI United. We’ve had our own ideas, but at the same time we’ve realised that there are many people and organizations that have been working around internalization and more international Tampere region for years. That’s why we wanted to invite people who are working at the same field to spread ideas and make new ones together.

On June 20th we had a workshop with our partners from Tredea, Ambassador network and Twinkle talking with us about the Tampere region and how can we make it more international from different points of view. And we weren’t only talking! We found concrete projects for the future. For example we are making a joint event with Twinkle network during year 2016. We also saw that the biggest problem in Tampere brand is that people abroad do not know about Tampere. That’s why we are planning a project together with Tredea on how to make Tampere better known. We also understood that it’s way better to do things together.

Now we are also making this co-operation established. Next time we are going to meet in August to begin first projects. We are also inviting other organizations to join, because together we can achieve even bigger goals.

If you have ideas or you want to help us making Tampere region more international, send us a message or give us a call!

Jouni Markkanen
JCI United
Board member
International affairs
+358 40 542 9514