Last Friday a group of jaycees joined to visit the “hottest” Craft brewery in Finland, Pyynikin Brewing Company, where all the amazing beers are rakkaudella pantua.

At the entrance Tuomas, one of the founders back in 2013, was waiting to give us a guided tour around the brewery. There was a lot of beer at the entrance, but there was also a yellow line on the floor, saying beer drinking is forbidden inside the brewery. Fortunately, we crossed the line.

The brewery is amazing, and there is no better way to experience this rather than opening a beer at the start. Tuomas was guiding us through all of the facilities, explaining each of the process, required to go from water and cereal grains to the godly liquid.

Pyyniki’s beers are considered among the best in Finland, and proof of that are quite many proffesional awards they won. We were happy to share with Tuomas the moment when he got notified that one of his beers was just awarded Best Beer in Finland. We were lucky to witness the joy one gets when something they’ve worked on so hard gets recognition.

Tuomas is a unique person. At the brewery he doesn’t work full time, we could better describe it as part-time work and part-time pleasure. He started in his own house using the bathtub and basically any space he could use for brewing. When he got the chance, he moved the production to the basement of a Pub, something his wife appreciated for sure. In the pub his beer started to get many followers. He knew he was onto something, so he left his daily job and found a way to establish a small brewery. Since then the growth has been unstoppable.

Most of the beers people drink nowadays are just that, beers. Some are mostly water, some products of big companies. Some are bad, others not so much. But Pyyniki is none of the above. Pyyniki is art and heart! The process of making these beers is deeply connected to Tuomas life, he used his experiences and emotions to create masterpieces. He is a true artist in this industry!

So, maybe now you have the same question as I do: has he done his Mona Lisa or his Guernica yet? I am not sure, but what I know is that we will return to Pyynikin brewery from time to time to check by ourselves.

Story: Iñigo Echeverría
Pictures: Asen Velichkov