The idea of Randomize! was born at one of the JCI United project nights, and it quickly evolved into the first workshop. The working name, which soon turned into the catchy brand, comes from the word “random” which ultimately is the philosophy of this initiative. The purpose of Randomize! is to help JCI members as well as outsiders to learn random skills in life. Randomize! connects mentors with learners bringing tacit knowledge closer to people. In Randomize! anybody can give workshops or join as a learner. Any mentor who is eager to pass the knowledge around and practice stage and teaching skills is welcome to join Randomize! whether it’s baking bread, visual design, knitting, startup pitching, coding for dummies or any other area of life and work environment. All who join the workshop as learners should arrive with an open mind and 5-euro contribution as a sign of appreciation to our mentors.

The first Randomize! workshop took place on November 21st at Tampere Tribe space. Joe’s Quick Start Guide to Visual Design has gathered over 30 participants. The workshop was dedicated to anybody who needs to grasp the basics of visual design from party posters to business Power Point slides. “You don’t need to be a designer to design” was the core message of a 3-hour fun lecture. The first Randomize! mentor – Joe Pacal – is a User Experience and Product Design consultant who previously worked with Nokia, Happy-Or-Not, Yousician, and dozens of other good folks. Joe has opened the basic rules of design from fonts and colors to geometry and story-telling. Followed by theory, all participants jumped right to the practice part being simultaneously mentored by Joe Pacal. The first Randomize! workshop was a blast, and there is already plenty of both mentors and learners queueing up to become a part of this “random” experience!

The idea mind behind this concept, Yuliya Nesterenko, commented: “I believe that random knowledge and skills help us to expand the horizon and look at life from different perspectives. Life is a never-ending learning journey; hence new knowledge is a key to growing personally and professionally”.

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Check out the first Randomize! workshop gallery below: