On Saturday, 15.9., JCI United organized The Ultimate Pick-up Day with the goal to celebrate Finnish Autumn by picking up some mushrooms, and the World Cleanup Day by picking up some trash in the local forest. The forest trip was planned as a part of Randomize! platform, which aims to connect mentors with learners through hands-on, diverse and very “random” workshops.

Despite the already chilly weather, the group of eight adventurously pulled on the rubber boots and went exploring the secret (not so secret!) mushroom spot, Pikku Ahvenisto, in search for the autumn delicatessens. Each participant received a well-crafted handout with essential facts about good and not-so-good mushrooms, as well as the reminder that mushroom picking in Finland is an “everyman’s right”. The workshop guide and one of the JCI United members, Tuuli Humina, is a big mushroom enthusiast with years of picking experience. For the past 5 years, Tuuli has been exploring the hidden gems of Tampere and beyond to mushroom hunt and to learn more about nature’s gifts. She always says: “Whenever a mushroom picking person leaves the house, technically mushroom picking could happen at any moment!”.

Needless to say, the group enjoyed a little hike in the forest, learned some types of mushrooms, contributed to the cleanness of our forests, and, as far as we know, indulged in some non-poisonous mushroom dishes! We are planning more exciting Randomize! workshops this Fall – stay tuned!