Do you have a winning new product, idea or service? Or do you know someone who has it? You can choose to apply by yourself or suggest a candidate for the Productive Idea competition!

The Tuottava Idea (Productive Idea) competition is organised by the Finnish Junior Chamber International (Nuorkauppakamari).

The competition is now open for nominees and the competition form can be found with this link

The deadline for application is 15th April 2021.

The Productive Idea competition is open for all. Anyone with an idea related to a product, service, production method, business idea or other business promotion measure can participate. The idea must be no more than three years old and must already be in productive use.

The competition has three series: social, business and startup series. You can participate in the startup series with an idea that is still in the productization phase.
Jaakko Helenius, Executive Director of SEKES Ry, Finland’s Business and Development Companies, is the patron of the competition.

The 2021 National Partners in the Productive Idea competition are Genelec, Nasdaq, Grano and Hurja Solutions.