_DSC0675As JCI United’s first year and my first year as a JCI member/board member draws to an end, it is time to look back. However, instead of pointing out how much we as a young organization and as a group of young professionals have grown and learned on the way, I want to concentrate on what we already are. There are endless options for an individual to spend his or her time, and many of those include similar sociable or learning aspects as JCI activities do. In addition to personal growth and enjoyment JCI is volunteering, it is hard work that we do not just for ourselves, but for others too.

I personally work for the public sector, something I have actually had to explain and defend to a number of people who know me well. Many have asked why not go back to the private sector where pretty decent money can be made with sales and solution oriented mindset, or why not make the most of the passion and drive and become an entrepreneur? All those things would be just wonderful and rewarding, and maybe I will take a shot at building my own business one day, like so many of my fellow jaycees have. Who wouldn’t like to be better, make more money and become successful? But right now, every morning when I get up and go to work, I do it thinking that I also want to make the world a better place. I want to make my organization better, I want to make my coworkers happier, I want to see results for all my customers, and I definitely want to try my utmost best to make the society we live in a better place. Even if it is just for my own small part, and even if it is, of course, very difficult at times.

For me, being an active jaycee is just that. It is about wanting to be better, and striving for that by making the world better. I want to have a good time and try to help others, by working for goals that benefit not only me but the community as well. JCI is a wonderful balance of fun, opportunities for personal growth and learning, and doing things for the common good. And that is why I JCI.